Creator & Entrepreneur ~ Thandi is the idea behind Thandiwrap, the headwear brand that bears her name.   She is also the creator of ThandiWrap, a unique turban-wrap (Design Registration – UK  IPO)


Standing up to confront and challenge the prevailing notions of her health condition, unwittingly, Thandi’s first public talk began her public life.    Speaking to stakeholder groups (patient groups, health and social care providers, medical/pharmaceuticals, academic, medical and other educational establishments, faith, other community groups, and key influencers across the UK) 

Activist, Campaigner & Advocate – Thandi’s post-diagnosis years would be spent highlighting key issues and needs of the affected community, especially women and Black and Ethnic Minority communities in the UK.

She participated in many patient forums and campaigns.  She petitioned at Downing Street, contributed to The All Party Parliamentary Group on AIDS (APPGA) and the London Assembly amongst others.

She gave media interviews, contributed to various publications, academic and research journals. All efforts which have contributed to shaping policy, good practice and bridging the gap between professional and political perspectives and experiences/realities of the affected.

Facilitator, Trainer/ Educator –

In coming to terms with her diagnosis and help herself and others in her situation live fuller, happier and more meaningful lives she turned her career to Health and Personal Development.  She subsequently founded restorEgo a cross-cultural consultancy whose work was committed to helping improve both professional and patient experiences.  

Over the years this work would extend beyond HIV,  taking on wider issues that reflect her varying interests and where she at in life and experience. While some of her work with schools continues  – 2018 marked 16 years of her annual lecture to Brighton and Sussex Medical School 2nd year students –  Thandi is now choosing to send a message simply by the way she lives her life.  

Muser & Writer ~ Thandi’s love for words and language perhaps explains why she’s always reading and scribbling.  Her published book works “Recreating self: A personal journey“, are found in Chimes of Times. Now inordinately late, her biography sits in her pending tray

Voluntary/Community Service  ~    Thandi has served on several boards in the charity/NGO sector in  Europea and UK.  A mentor and encourager whose passion and commitment to personal and vocational growth has inspired and endeared her to many.

Philanthropy – Thandi supports the educational needs of 10 students  – from primary school to university in Zimbabwe

  • In 2014 she undertook the Thames Path Challenge walking 184 miles (294 Km) in 16 days. She would follow this adventure up in 2017, walking rural Zimbabwe over 10 days. Both efforts helped raise money for students in the UK and Zimbabwe under Vana Trust