Personhood | Wellbeing | Contribution

You may know me as a Daughter, Mother, Parent, Sibling, Friend, Colleague or Neighbour. You may also know me as a Creative, Learner, Educator, Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Writer, Trailblazer, Patient, Advocate,  Trekker,  Humanitarian, Fashionista, Naturalista, etc.   I answer to all these labels, and more!

My story, like most people’s, is a roller- coaster adventure that is life. The recurring issues of Love, Loss, Acceptance, Belonging, Hope, Fear, Pride, Shame,  Faith, Growth, Self-Esteem,  Success, Failure, Confusion, Clarity, Authenticity, Freedom, Triumph, etc ~ this merry go round, is the cyclical human developmental process that calls us to continuously search for meaning!

Born in Zimbabwe, I grew up in Zambia, before moving to England. While I have many life-defining moments, my health diagnosis was my rudest awakening. Thus began an exploration of higher purpose questions. The questions about life ~ Who am I? What is this life? And what am I called to do with it? Within that, was the urgent question about the meaning of health?

In attempting to find and make sense of my own answers, begun a conscious unfolding and understanding of Self, Health and Purpose. This mindfulness has shaped my understanding of my own identity, sense of wellbeing and what I am called to do.  Within this, my values and intentions.  These have largely influenced an intentional walk of how I choose to live, work and relate.

In this timeline that is my life, I have learnt innumerable things,  mainly that:-

  • We are more than our circumstances, the things we experience or those happen to us. Rather be defined by them, use them to navigate and experience express ourselves  experience life.
  • Challenges are ongoing. Thankfully, so too are the gifts and blessings. In these happenings, our roles are continuously evolving as we travel both in time and experience
  • We have the capacity to CHOOSE how to respond to life’s events. If we can draw meaning  and find purpose from them  –  we can learn, grow and give from our circumstances, no matter how challenging or seemingly insurmountable

It is this outlook, and the principles and ideals embedded in this amazing journey that I share with you.