Creator & Entrepreneur

Thandi is the founder and director of Thandiwrap, a headwear and complimentary accessory brand that bears her name. She is also the creative mind behind ThandiWrap the product – A simple and easy to wear hat/turban-wrap (Design Registered – UK  IPO)

Muser & Writer

Her love for words, literature and language perhaps explain why she is always reading and scribbling.  “Don’t get me taking the minutes though!” She laughs.  Thandi has written many articles, and continue to muse over things she’s passionate about.  Her published works “Recreating self: A personal journey“, are found in Chimes of Times.

Now inordinately late, her biography is gathering dust in my pending tray


Despite the advances in medication, and her case, her good prognosis, dishearteningly stigma was central to dealing with her health condition. Confronting and challenging the prevailing notions,  Thandi stood up to share her story.  Unwittingly, her first public speech also began her public life.  She continues to speak.  Reflecting where she in her life, experience and understanding, the issues have wider to reflect my varying interests.

Activist, Campaigner & Advocate

Thandi’s post-diagnosis years would be spent highlighting key issues and needs of the affected, especially women and Black and Ethnic Minority communities in the UK.

Thandi gave media interviews, wrote articles, contributed to various publications, academic and research journals.  She participated in many patient forums and campaigns. Petitioned at Downing Street, contributed to The All Party Parliamentary Group on AIDS (APPGA) and the London Assembly amongst others. All efforts which have contributed to shaping policy, good practice and bridging the gap between professional and political perspectives and experiences/realities of the affected.

Facilitator –  Trainer, Consultant, Educator

To help myself and others in her situation live fuller, happier and more meaningful lives  Thandi turned her career to Health and Personal Development.   She subsequently founded restorEgo a cross-cultural consultancy whose work spanned across personal, professional and organisational development.

In her commitment to helping improve both professional and patient experiences, her assignments involved as many stakeholders (patient groups, medical and social care providers, pharmaceuticals, academic and other educational establishments, faith and other community groups, and key influencers)

Mentor & Encourager

She is to be called a mentor or an encourager by those drawn or inspired by her journey.